About iSelf

iSelf was started by founders Mark and Neale in early 2016. Through their own journey to take out Health Insurance, they couldn't believe how confusing, complicated, and costly it had become.

Delivering a simple, personalised approach to Health Insurance, iSelf focusses on providing you the best in Hospital cover while helping to make it affordable.

"Most people don't know this, but younger people and people with good health are not rewarded with lower premiums. iSelf, through its patented Health Score calculator, helps tailors policies for you. Your Health Score allows us to suggest levels of excess and co-payments that match your health. By using these to spread the cost, we can help you afford the best in Hospital Insurance." say the founders.

With a clear focus on delivering the best in Hospital Insurance and managing your Health Insurance costs, iSelf allows you to question whether extras are really required.

iSelf enables you to compare your extras premium against what you might get back. This allows iSelf customers to see whether removing extras might help save money.

With your Health Insurance tailored, the founders also wanted you to consider how you looked after your excess/co-payment choices and self-insuring extras. By designing iSelf to include both investment targets and an integrated investment account allows the founders to ensure that iSelf is looking after you.

Our goal at iSelf - to make Health Insurance simple and all about you!