At iSelf, we make claiming easy!  

Claiming Extras Benefits

The quickest and easiest way to claim your Extras Benefits is to carry your iSelf member card with you everywhere and swipe it at the time of your treatment. Then all you need to do is pay the difference… if there is one!

If you don’t swipe your card and receive your on the spot benefit, no problem! You can submit your claim by:

  • the iSelf mobile claiming app. Simply download the app here, register or log in, take a photo of your invoice and submit.


  • filling in a Claim Form. Just print, complete, scan and send the form with a copy of your invoice to:

  • fax: 02 4968 2229

  • post:

iSelf Claims Assessor

PO Box 156

Newcastle NSW 2300

If you need to submit a claim to us, we will need you to provide us with:

  • your itemised invoice or receipt showing the date of service, who the service was for, details of the service provider and the item number and name of the service provided

  • your iSelf membership number

  • whether the account has been paid or not


Benefits can be deposited straight into your nominated bank account. Simply provide these details on your Claim Form.

Claims generally take 3-5 business days to be processed and for your money to appear into your bank account. Once your claim has been processed, you will receive the money into your account, and we’ll also send you confirmation that your claim has been paid.


Hospital Claiming

Where the claim is directly associated to your hospital admission, the hospital will send the accounts directly to iSelf and we will handle them for you.

For in-patient doctor/specialist claims where the doctor has participated in the Access Gap Cover Scheme, the doctor will send the medical accounts to us here at iSelf. You should only receive an account for any agreed charge, if any, within the Access Gap Cover Scheme arrangement.

If your doctor/specialist is not participating in the Access Gap Cover Scheme then they will bill you directly, this account should be submitted to Medicare, who will pay their portion and send you a statement of benefits which can be submitted to the fund, via your mobile claiming app, or with a completed claim for by email.