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Invest in Your Most Important Asset: Your Health!

We live in the age of investing. Be it investing in your career for that next promotion, investing your savings for your future, or investing in your relationships for those special people close to you.

But what about investing in your most valuable asset? Your Health.

Traditionally, this was as simple as eating right and exercising. But with the complexity and pressure of today's world, it is so much more. What about your mental health? What if medical treatment is required – do you have access to the best care and treatment available?

Let's find out. But before we do, let's take a quick look at a few of the traditional 'Health Investments'.

Your Nutrition.

We all know the benefits of eating well. It helps us maintain a healthy weight and can reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer and diabetes. More recently, a proper diet has shown benefits for your mental health by keeping you energised and maintaining a positive mood. Then, of course, there are the longer-term benefits of health and happiness into old age. A proper diet is a great way to start investing in your health.

Your Fitness.

Similar to your Nutritional Investment, the benefits of investing in your fitness are well documented. The benefits of exercise are similar to that of proper nutrition and form a powerful ally. And while the word exercise might draw a groan from many, the good news is there is something for everyone. From walking to running, swimming to boxing, gym to yoga, there are plenty of activities out there that all lead to an investment in your health.

Your Mental Health.

Equally as important as your nutritional and physical health, if not more, is your mental health. The brain doesn't tend to think about itself much, so you'll need to be proactive in ensuring it stays healthy and happy. Strategies like meditation and mindfulness training, regular brain games, and talking through issues with a professional are all key to keeping your brain in good condition. And all of these efforts once again constitute investments in your health.

iSelf will explore these topics and more in future blogs, offering tips, guides, and insights. But in the meantime, how can you protect your health and your Health Investment?

Protecting Your Health Investment.

To ignore health as your most important investment is to leave your safety and happiness to chance, fate and the public health system (as good as it may be.)

At iSelf we believe having the best Hospital Insurance forms an integral part of your Health Investment. After you've done the hard work on your fitness and diet, your mind, and your relationships, why let the unpredictability of health take you off course?

With potentially lengthy waiting queues in the public system and the increasing need for mental health treatment, this is even more important today than ever before. The public system and lower levels of hospital cover are fine if you can wait and are happy to run the risk of predicting what you may need it for. But the only real and foolproof way to protect you and your loved ones is by having the best in Hospital Insurance.

How iSelf Can Help.

At iSelf, we believe our customers deserve the best, and this is why we are focusing on helping Australians afford the best in Hospital Insurance. We are committed to your Health Investment by helping you to afford the very best in Hospital Insurance, and only paying for Extras should you need them.

The process couldn't be simpler; all you need to do is spend 90 seconds on the iSelf Health Wizard. By answering a few simple questions, you can see how we can help you afford the best in Hospital Insurance. And by undertaking an Extras check-up, you can see whether Extras are really worth it for you; we don't want you paying for them if you don't really need them, after all.

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