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Why You Need to add Fitness Boxing to Your Workout Routine


ou put loads of time into staying fit, and it shows! Your muscles are toned, your BMI is healthy, and you look and feel great.

However, there is a problem, and not a small one either: your current workout routine is really more of a "rut" than it is a "routine." You are not only hovering around the same fitness plateaus, but you're also probably struggling for motivation and the will to put your best effort into your workouts.

So, what should you do? Listen to those excuses gathering in the back of your head telling you that it's okay to skip workouts, or even quit altogether?

Hardly. "Quit" is not in your vocabulary. However, there is a simple solution to your dilemma that is anything but boring.

Hitting the Gym…and the Heavy Bag

So, you need a new workout. One which taxes your cardiovascular system, strengthens your muscles, improves your speed, balance, and agility, all while lighting up body fat like no other? Enter fitness boxing, which has been around for nearly as long as the sport of boxing.

However, don't let all that punching and being punched frighten you away, since the actual fighting part is optional. Yes, you can go this route and engage in one of the most exciting and competitive sports there is. Although if broken noses and black eyes aren't your things, you can stick to hitting padded objects which don't hit back.

And, there is something to be said about the therapeutic effects of wailing away at a punching bag, especially when you have stress to release! This speaks to the MANY facets of fitness boxing, which is hardly a one-size-fits-all workout. Incorporating everything from plyometric exercises and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), to agility work and shadow boxing, it is like the ultimate cross-training. Best of all, it is NEVER boring.

The Benefits of Fitness Boxing

So far as the benefits of boxing workouts, they hardly stop at "not being boring."

For instance, boxing requires a combination of strength, endurance, power and finesse, which means these are all aspects fitness boxing trains you for. It is also a full-body workout, meaning it doesn't just focus on your legs or upper body. It also includes both fast-twitch (power) workouts and slow-twitch (endurance) workouts for strength, fat burn and cardiovascular health.

Other unexpected benefits of fitness boxing workouts include:

Relieving stress. There is something to be said about beating the heck out of a punching bag, what a great way to relieve stress. In fact, after a hard day of listening to your boss's impossible demands, there are few better ways to release your pent-up frustrations. Don't worry, we won't let your boss know about the picture you have of them on your heavy bag.

Improving your balance. Boxing requires a strong base that is balanced, poised and ready to strike. This means you too will be performing the kinds of agility, balance and coordination drills that combat athletes utilize to become better in the ring. The benefits include reducing your risk of accident, helping you become a better dancer and giving you the kind of confident poise that says, "I'm here to win."

Bringing out your inner badass. Fitness boxing doesn't just strengthen your muscles and cardiovascular system; it also teaches you the skills involved in the sport of boxing. True, you may never need them in the traditional sense of beating up bad guys, and we hope you don't. But isn't it nice to know that you DO have the ability to be a badass if necessary? We thought so.

Becoming smarter. Another aspect of learning to box is the memorization, mental coordination and quick-thinking skills necessary in the game. In fact, in developing boxing skills, you are working your mind along with your muscles. As your muscles strengthen, so too does your mind. This helps you with everything from being more productive at work by improving your memory, focus and decision-making skills, to reducing your risk of age-related mental decline. And of course, there is also the fact that so far as cranking up the burn and lighting up calories, there are few programs which match the fat-burning intensity of fitness boxing.

Putting the Fun Back into Workout Fundamentals

When it comes to keeping your workouts fun, exciting and intense, there are few workout programs like fitness boxing. Whether you need to get past fitness plateaus, or you are simply so bored with the same tired gym routine that SOMETHING must change, training like a combat athlete is a great way to go.

No, you don't need to beat anyone up or worry about showing up to the office with bruises and cuts, though it is nice to know that you can pack a punch if necessary!

You badass you.

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